Friday, July 10, 2009

A year later....

I gave up on my blog and went to Facebook. I do miss typing away and sharing random thoughts and my life experiences. Lately it has been all about Ms. Morgen and her cheerleading. I have yet to upload the photos from my camera from her cheer camp experience this week. I will do so this weekend and share away. Until then, enjoy the summer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Takoda is a birthday boy!

My lil booger is getting bigger! He asks to go to school and wants friends. He is growing before my eyes. Here is a picture of him with his cake.


Today we drove down south for the semi-finals for the state cheer competition. It was an early out at 6am, but well worth it! Not only did Morgen's squad place first in their division, but ALLLL the squads from Northridge swept it!!!!! We hold the state title and are on our way to keeping it. A big Woo Who goes out to all the cheerleaders, the coach, and all the parents who attended today. HUGE crowd participation by the parents and you could just see the joy and pride on all the girls' faces.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another long delay..

in posting. It seems like yesterday that I posted a new post. LOL I get busy with the kids and that takes away my time. The kids had state testing the last two weeks. Morgen brought home an astronomical amount of math homework during that time, on top of the regular work. I was in math land the two weeks. The thing is, I HATE math! I always have and I always will. UGH

Tyler is almost out of meds and is a bit unpredictable right now. I just don't know what he will do. I need to get medical insurance...yesterday!

Takoda is a booger of all boogers. I am so frustrated with him right now. Daddy laughs when he gives me a hard time. Rene gives him candy to keep him quiet. Therefore, I am completely undermined by the two other "adults" in my home. He thinks my reprimands are a complete joke. I am up in arms!

I have been busy with pictures for Moe. I will post a few here.

We went to Solvang for Memorial Day. It was a nice road trip. Of course my favorite part was the osterich farm. I am the consumate animal lover. LOL Coming in close second (tee hee) was meeting Jennifer's (ex sil) new hubby and step kids. He seems to be very nice, as do the kids. I am happy she is able to love again and have someone who can truly love her.

Well, that's life in a nutshell these days.... Takoda turns four soon.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

do NOT go to Yogurt Zone in Porter Ranch

I HATE HATE HATE their new concept. I waited with cups. I didn't get everyone in my family a yogurt because I did not have enough hands. My kids are fighting right now over sharing a cup. I got the yogurt, then waited for toppings, which I had to go in my pockets because I didn't have enough hands. By the time I reached the register, my yogurt was melted! It was soup by the time I got home. NEVER NEVER again. Yogurt zone lost my business.